A microwave oven is used for heat the cold food. The microwave oven is commonly is also called microwave. The food which is kept in the microwave is heated with the microwave radiation in that the food is been cooked or heated very fast and quickly.  Microwave oven repair in Hyderabad it is used for baking cakes, roasting chicken etc… and it is discovered by the Percy Spencer the food our any chocolate bar to melt when we set temperature  when the food start rotates thermal heat is supplied to it and the food is cooked

The first microwave oven is introduced with a turntable it also consumes more electricity up to 600 watts. Microwave Oven Repair Center the microwave radiation is not a electromagnetic radiation to heat the food evenly turntable spins the food

We repair all varieties of microwave oven what’s the issues in it? Like traditional microwave oven, solo microwave oven, grilled microwave oven and they resolve the hassle in keeping with the types and issues just like the plate no longer spinning, the food isn’t get heated up, the microwave oven now not turning on all the issues can be solved via our well skilled technicians, and they’ll do the artwork very professionally and virtually they identified very element about microwave oven and very a part of the showering machine.

 Microwave oven repair in Hyderabad to solve the problem according to the types and issues like the plate inside is not spinning, it is not turning, it not heating the food, out they can be solved by our well trained technicians and they do the work very professionally and neatly they known very thing and very part of the washing machine and well studied about the product.

Types of issues:

Light bulb doesn’t turn on:

In the microwave the bulb does not work when the microwave door opens then we have to change the bulb and also check the wire connection and if the bulb is changed then also the new bulb is not working the check the light socket .

House smells after cooking:

The microwave oven should be cleaned and the cavity of the microwave and we should check the filter and clean it with soap and water. Microwave Oven Repair Center then sees the results and the replace the filter according to the brands.

Fuses keep blowing:

If the blown microwave fuses means something has been damaged .to resolve the problem the call the professional to repair or service when the house fuse gone it investment is more cost.

Dose microwave leaks:

To check the microwave oven is leaking you should purchase or buy a leakage detector .to test the leakage we should take glass of water and your microwave and then you have to check the microwave is running.

Microwave is too loud:

The microwave Is making too noise because it may cause due to magnetron or exhaust fan .if the magnetron is get damaged the high tones are hearing to replace it call the technician to repair .the turning motor is not moving or rotating slowly.  

If the noise sounds more like grinding, it may be the stirrer or exhaust fan motor.  Microwave oven repair in Hyderabad faulty door switch: Microwaves have normally around 3 to 4 door switches which activate the operation and allow the appliance to start heating. If any of the switches is faulty, the microwave will not work.

An easy way to identify a faulty door switch is that, when you close the door the light still remains on. The microwave door switches can get worn out as time passes. These switches can also get faulty due to rough use such as slamming the door etc.

Faulty Triad:

A triad is a semi-conductor device having three terminals and it can work in two directions. When the triad is damaged, the microwave will only cook food on full power and not on low power settings. A faulty triad is the result of a faulty controller switch.

 Microwave Tray Won’t Turn:

Most common microwaves feature a tray that steadily turns while in use, providing even heat to microwave dishes. A tray that won’t turn can result in poorly cooked food, and definitely requires

Microwave Touchpad Does Not Respond:

A microwave’s touchpad controls allow you to program a variety of cooking functions with the touch of a button. If the touchpad doesn’t respond, then you can’t use your appliance. The membrane switch signals the control board to power specific functions in the microwave, and a membrane switch that is worn out or faulty will prevent any response from the touchpad.

We are using micro ovens I our day to day life but some time we can face some problems like plate doesn’t turn, smells after cooking, fuses are blowing, buttons are not working, and last is magnetron etc many more  we can face from micro ovens.  Microwave oven repair in Hyderabad these problems will repair by our well trained professional technicians to repair all these problems faced by your microwave oven.

Our technicians will repair your microwave oven by knowing about your repair or issue of your electrical appliance and they can repair or solve that problem in a neat and clean manner. Microwave Oven Repair Center after the repair of your microwave oven, our company will give the warranty with a specified time limit and terms and conditions will apply on spare parts which were replaced by our company technicians.

To approach us the link and contact number are given here when you contact us the respond to you will be clear. And the complaint will be register and he technician will be send within 4 hours and there will be service charges of 350 Rs. And we provide spare parts and for the part extra charges should be given and if your problem is small then it will be rectified and their will not charge extra money and solve the problem in service charges and compulsory you should give the service charges to the technician.

We restore all forms of microwave oven what’s the problems in it?  Microwave oven repair in Hyderabad conventional microwave oven, solo microwave oven, grilled microwave oven and the clear up the problem in keeping with the types and troubles just like the plate not spinning,, the food isn’t always get heated up,  Microwave Oven Repair Center

The microwave oven now not turning on all the problems can be solved with the aid of our well-trained technicians and they may do the work very professionally and without a doubt they knew very element about microwave oven and every part of the bathing machine.